Visitors are always welcome in worship, and there is a staffed nursery available.
You will find that the people are friendly and there are plenty of opportunities for you to fit right in.

The ministry of all Christians consists of service for the mission of God in the world.  The mission of God is best expressed in the prayer that Jesus taught his first disciples: “Thy kingdom come; thy will be done, on earth as in heaven.”   All Christians, therefore, are to live in active faithful service of God and their neighbor, seeking to extend God’s universal love, justice, and peace to all people.

The ministry of all Christians is shaped by the life and teachings of Jesus.  The handing on of these teachings is entrusted to leaders who are gifted and called by God to appointed offices in the church.

The United Methodist Church has recognized that laypersons as well as clergy persons are gifted and called by God to lead the Church.   The servant leadership of these laypersons is essential to the mission and ministry of congregations.  They help to form Christian disciples within the local congregation through spiritual formation and guidance for Christian living in the world.

The mission and ministries of the local church are guided by the church council.  A variety of committees and small groups fulfill those ministries on an ongoing and daily basis.  Everyone is always welcome to join in an activity and support the ministries of the church using their gifts and talents.

For 2024, some key members of our church leadership consist of:

Brian Boettcher, Pastor

Pat Carter, Assistant Lay Leader

Jerry Morgan, Assistant Lay Leader

Tad Robertson, Chair of the Church Council

Tad Robertson, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Carolyn Young, Outreach Committee Chair

Kathy Wilson, Worship Committee Chair

Jane Tucker, Witness Committee Chair

Steve Wilson, SPRC Committee Chair